Twisted Buildings, Part 3

Allow me to present the newest addition to my Twisted city: a decidedly whimsical No. 42 Carver Lane house!  My first copy of this building, with a distinctly more serious tone, was featured heavily in my Twisted Buildings, Part 1 post.

Twisted No. 42 Carver Lane 11

My initial, more subdued take on this house:


The bright, cheery shop:


It’s probably no surprise if you had a look at my last post that I was pleased with the color scheme from my first Old Corner Shop.  I decided to carry on with a similar look, using turquoise accents instead of blue, with this newest house.

Here are some additional angles on the new house:


Hold up,” I can almost hear you audibly protest.  “Isn’t steampunk a gritty, dirty, Industrial Revolution-esque setting?  Just what exactly is she doing painting these like this?  Surely she can’t think these are done?!?  Where is the dirt?  The weathering? The dried up tears of laborers returning from the workhouse?”  Well, hold onto your hat, dear reader, because I’m about to blow your mind!

Twisted Rulebook


The world of Twisted is a truly unique steampunk setting centered around the machinations (see what I did there?) of The Engine, an infinitely powerful and ancient entity that shapes the world and lives of its inhabitants according to its own designs.  It can influence the world in any number of ways, and the different factions in the game can tap into its power if they can garner its favor.  The Engine is a little like GW’s Tzeentch in that complicated coincidences and events in the world happen just as planned.  One of the ways that I imagine The Engine keeps the society of Twisted under control is by altering people’s perception of reality.  My inspiration here is from a couple of video games.

Bioshock is one of my favorite video game franchises, and one of my favorite sequences in the franchise is when you get to play as a Little Sister in Bioshock 2 and see the world through her eyes.  As a Little Sister, you see what is in reality a decaying and gruesome environment as a stunning, bright, and somewhat trippy paradise.  The dead splicers the Little Sisters harvest ADAM from actually appear to them as angels, making their constant chatter about such things finally make sense.  They are little girls, after all, and this altered perception helps them to do their job without being traumatized.  Sometimes my husband and I joke that our cat has “Little Sister-vision” when he seems to be obsessed with nothing.  Who knows what he can see in his little kitty mind?

Another instance of this type of altered perception in a bleak and depressing video game world is in We Happy Few.  Admittedly, I have never played this game, but I’m an avid Twitch and YouTube viewer, and let’s plays are one of my favorite things to watch.  In We Happy Few, the populace are kept docile and surface-level “happy” with the hallucinogenic drug Joy, provided and in many cases forced on them, of course, by a dystopian government.  When your character in the game takes Joy, you have a very different, brighter, and more whimsical experience of the world around you.

All of this is to explain that my vision for Twisted is that The Engine alters people’s perception of the world around them so they believe that they live in an idyllic, cheerful place.  By giving them this view, they will continue to work hard, feel satisfied, and be blissfully unaware of The Engine’s influence and plans for them.  I think I have executed this vision pretty well so far.  I realize it isn’t for everyone, but I want you to know that I have put some thought into it.

And now, by popular demand, due to dwindling counter space, because these buildings deserve to be observed in their proper habitat, and without further ado, here is the complete-to-date Twisted city perched lovingly upon a delightful vinyl cobblestone mat by GameMatz!

much cobble.  very stone.  so city.  such Twisted.  wow.


If you’re dying to see some Twisted miniatures to go along with all of these buildings (or you are at least vaguely curious to see them), then please send your good vibes toward my husband, Alex, who has agreed to start painting some up.  Why aren’t I going to paint some myself?  Am I truly horrible at painting miniatures?  Is MDF the only medium with which I can create?  Nah, I’m actually pretty good at painting minis.  The reason I am, of course, is Alex!  He has been gaming and painting much longer than I have, and he always gives me just the right guidance if I’m stuck or frustrated when painting a model.  I will definitely paint miniatures again, but he’s a lot more motivated to do it right now.  I’ve really regained my painting mojo with these buildings lately.  My table full of assembled but unpainted Twisted terrain is looking more and more empty.  This blog is keeping me motivated, and I can’t wait to see the project completed.

Next up: I would like a bit of a reprieve from full-sized buildings, so I’ll take a stab at my Twisted Staircases and Twisted Walkways.  If I’m feeling especially motivated this coming week, I’ll also paint up at least some of my Twisted Street Lamps.

After that: I’ll finish up the last two shops and the last two houses.  I also have two absolutely adorable gypsy traveler caravans (in bow top and ledge styles) and a truck from Sarissa Precision to paint up and add to the city.

Twisted Buildings, Part 1

If you aren’t familiar with Twisted by Demented Games, you should really check it out.  It’s a great skirmish game with a whimsical steampunk setting and some of the most beautifully detailed miniatures you’ll ever find.  I found it, as I often do, on Kickstarter.  The Servants of the Engine faction was calling my name, and as soon as the Egyptians were revealed, I was hooked!

I’ve always had a soft spot for archaeology and a certain wonder about the mysteries of the past  (and I am a history teacher, after all).  My childhood was filled with Indiana Jones, and my favorite movie is still the original StargateIndiana Indigo Jones Ford, the female archaeologist, can be found cracking her whip on the Twisted Kickstarter page, but she is not available just yet.  My favorite author is the great Agatha Christie, who is also included as a mini in the Egyptians faction, along with her famous Hercule Poirot!

During their Kickstarter campaign, Demented Games teamed up with CNC Workshop (now known simply as Miniature Scenery) to provide a variety of scenery options that suit the world of Twisted perfectly.  Of course, I had to have these unique buildings and accessories as well.

I recently went on an MDF assembly binge and put together all of my Twisted scenery that had been sitting around in my hobby closet for a few months.  I also started painting them up, but I have a long way to go!

I wish I had taken some pictures during the assembly process, but I can tell you that these Miniature Scenery MDF kits are some of the best I’ve ever put together.  I am the terrain builder in my house, so you should trust me.  The pieces were easy to remove from the MDF sheet, and it was pretty easy to understand the assembly process.  These kits do rely a lot on glue, but I glue all of my MDF terrain with Loctite super glue anyway, so that’s not a big deal to me.  I never had to clamp anything.  One minor drawback for me was that I had to refer to their website for the assembly instructions because they weren’t printed on the back of the cover paper or included in the kit.  This resulted in me having to constantly unlock my phone with gluey hands during my first copy of each of the kits to make sure I was placing the pieces properly.  Even that wasn’t too bad, though, because once I had put a certain building together once, I could pretty much do it again for the next copy without consulting the instructions.  I put all of my kits together over the course of a week (off and on, of course).  The results are worth the effort; these buildings are absolutely gorgeous.

All together, I have one Abbot & Gillard – Moneylenders building, one Assay Office, two Nouveau Archways, four No. 42 Carver Lane houses, three Old Corner Shop buildings, three Twisted Staircases, two Twisted Walkways, and two sets worth (24) of Twisted Street Lamps.  There were also several copies (I think I had ten or twelve) of the Roof Tile Set that I used to roof all of the buildings, with two copies to spare.  It was definitely worth getting the roof tiles.  They really give the buildings something extra special.

I have thus far painted the Abbott & Gillard – Moneylenders building, the Assay Office, and one No. 42 Carver Lane house.  For MDF terrain, I like to use acrylic craft paint.  You can get it quite cheaply at pretty much any store with a craft section, and you don’t have to feel bad about using quite a bit on a building.  It typically takes two coats of most colors to get it looking the way I want it.  The most difficult part of painting these buildings has been all of the edges.  In some places, there are several layers of wood, each with their own darkened edges where the laser cutter shaped the pieces.  These edges are a bit smoother than the rest of the wood, and they don’t take paint that well, so they’re always a pain.  This isn’t a fault of Miniature Scenery; their multi-layered designs are beautiful, and the darkened edges are just a side effect of the cutting process.

Here is my first painted No. 42 Carver Lane house:

This is the Abbott & Gillard – Moneylenders:

The Assay Office:

Comparison of the three buildings together:


First 3 painted Twisted buildings
(L to R) Assay Office, No. 42 Carver Lane, Abbott & Gillard – Moneylenders

These buildings really capture my imagination.  I especially love the playful details.  The atmosphere they create really reminds me of playing Fable 2 several years ago, walking through Bowerstone and getting immersed in the unique world.  I’m very excited to get more buildings done so that I can create my own little city on the gaming table.  My husband and I have a great vinyl cobblestone mat that we plan to use along with this wonderful terrain.

I’ll be working on the two Nouveau Archways and an Old Corner Shop next.  Stay tuned for updates to my Twisted city!